Corporate Adventure

Stimulate active learning

Training and team-building programs in the outdoors stimulate active learning, and then readily develop the learning skills of enquiry, experiment, feedback, reflection and review.

When the performance of your team turns mechanical, take them away from the monotony of office routine, and bring back the first-day-of-work enthusiasm.

Our Outdoor Learning Centres set up in beautiful natural surroundings provide ideal locations for you to conduct your training and team building programs for your team. Here, your team members get an opportunity to rediscover themselves, their strengths and abilities, and learn about people they interact with on a daily basis. If required, we can arrange outdoor program facilitators and trainers for your training programs.

Utilize our conference room for your indoor sessions and meetings. We can provide flexible seating based on your needs. The campus is equipped with screen and projector, photocopying facilities, desktop computer and land phone.

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