Green Getaways for a romantic evening with your near and dear ones. We enjoy 17 years of trust of over 50,000 participants. Chrysalid invites all to experience adventure at the homely environs of our camps. An exciting adventure filled experience at our campuses in Sitlakhet, Sai Ropa (Tirthan), Junga, Dharamshala, Kambre and Yercaud, where you can get in touch with nature and have lots of fun.

Our experience of working in the outdoors has been with varied age groups. We continue to achieve unsurpassed levels of safety, care, fun and learning. We promise to provide true adventure, unforgettable experiences, and memories of a lifetime.

You could use our campuses as a getaway with friends, family, or colleagues, who are enthusiastic about the outdoors or for your company’s offsite & team-building events.

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