Hiking in Garhwal

Garhwal in Uttarakhand is blessed with the Himalayas at one end and meandering rivers at the other with forests and scenic valleys in between. This is an ideal region to hike in. Chrysalid Outdoors offers organized hiking trips across the entire Garhwal region.

There is the Kedarnath Sanctuary, the Rajaji National Park, the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary and the Nanda Devi National Park that offer diverse experiences as you hike along designated trails deep in the forest. If you like you can hike the well-known mountain trails and look down at ravines and feel close to nature—a richly revealing and rewarding experience, especially when you choose Chrysalid Outdoors.

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Hiking in Himachal Pradesh

Hiking in Himachal offers you so many choices you might probably end up confused. Kullu entices with wooded forests and rivers gurgling their way around rocks. Manali beckons with its enchanting natural scenery.

Picturesque Kangra with the imposing Dhauladhar range beckon you to explore them. Mystic Dharamshala with its deodar and pine forests, tea gardens and beautiful hills seem to be made for hiking. Palampur, with its fascinating pine forests and tea gardens can lure you to linger longer than you may want to.

Magnificent Kinnaur in the North East and Lahaul Spiti can work their magic on you. Hiking becomes all the more enjoyable in Himachal with Chrysalid Outdoors handling all support services like taking care of your baggage, accommodation, meals and providing you knowledgeable guides for the hiking trip.

At the end of the day, you can choose tented accommodation or hotels where available. From one to the other, Himachal is a land of scenic splendours and you may possibly want to return and spend more time hiking, year after year.

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Hiking in Kumaon

From high up in the Himalayas, the world looks so far away and all your worries drop down sheer cliffs. Kumaon has a magical effect on hikers who love traversing its slopes and with the grand Nanda Devi always in view, it can be awe-inspiring as well. There are guided hiking trips Chrysalid Outdoors arranges that will simply fascinate you.

A hike along the Lasser Yankthi river to Sipu village with deep valleys and mountains as the backdrop is an experience to remember.

Hike along the Dhauli Ganga river to Dakar village. Chrysalid Outdoors customizes hiking trips across Nainital, Ranikhet, Mukteshwar and Almora and through the various sanctuaries and parks.

All throughout the hiking trip you never have to worry about your luggage, accommodation or meals: everything is pre-arranged by us for your comfort so you can enjoy that much more.

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Hiking in Ladakh

Hiking in Ladakh gives you an opportunity to explore the incomparable Valley of Flowers, the various monasteries, the Leh Palace, the unique bazaars and alleyways of the town. Then we take you to the exquisite Nubra Valley, have a look at Shankar Gompa and the Stok Palace, and admire the wonderful architecture of the place.

Chrysalid Outdoors arranges hiking on the Zogila Pass and the Khardungla Pass, possibly the highest mountain passes in the world, affording a breathtaking view of the Karakoram.

Hiking can be extended over days when you are in Ladakh but it is fun and exhilaration all the way as Chrysalid Outdoors relieves you of the bother of handling your baggage, accommodation and meals. Hiking in Ladakh is one of the best ways to know the land, the culture and people.

With strong Tibetan influences, you are transported to another world, another place in time when you hike across Ladakh.

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Hiking in Sikkim

Hiking in Sikkim offers you an opportunity to visit various Buddhist monasteries. There are prescribed hiking trails along with Nathula Pass and of course, the tougher Dzongri region and the more difficult Bakhim.

If you have a taste for the rugged mountainous wilds of Sikkim, you will love the challenge these mountains pose and also the wonderful scenic views, the pure and fragrant air and the quiet.

So close to India yet it is like a journey through time and space into another world when you hike the trails of Sikkim. Hiking tours are pre-arranged by Chrysalid Outdoors so as you walk from one destination to another, you have access to the best dining and of course, your baggage is transported to your hotel where you can relax and refresh yourself at the end of a hard day’s hiking.

We know the area and make the best arrangements to make your hiking trip a memorable one.

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