" We Want You Safe "

Safety is an attitude; this has to happen with both parties acknowledging the potential risks and hazards involved. We therefore require you to disclose all your medical history and present condition to your program facilitators so that we can prepapre for even better for a safer experience at a personal level.

Chrysalid Operations Team is lead by Vikas Bhasin; who is a graduate from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and a certified Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder from NOLS and Navneet Lohia; Manager Operations who is also a graduate from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering Uttarkashi.

At our camps and programs we always stock and carry first aid medicine; there is a provision of a docotor on call and an arrangment with local hospitals in case of emergency.

  1. Location

    Our Camps are located in a peaceful areas around Villages where most people work either in government sectors or are farmers. People around campuses are peace loving and caring.

  2. Activity Sites

    All our activity areas have been visited and checked by top instructors and facilitators and assessed for safety hence minimising the risk involved with quality of natural site itself.

  3. Technical Gears

    All our gears both technical and personal meet international standards and are UIAA approved. There is an annual equipment Audit conducted by senior instructors and all equipment is catalogued and marked, all equipments that show wear and tear are replaced immediately. We source from the best outdoor equipment makers in the world like Petzl, Beal, Camps etc.

  4. Outdoor Instructor

    All outdoor instructors conducting the Adventure activities are from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering / Himalayan Mountaineering Institute/ NOLS India assuring of top class training and safety standards. Besides the technical trainings we provide in-house training to all instructors on physical and emotinal safety of participants.

  5. Fire

    On each camp we have installed fire extinguishers at the three key areas of Kitchen, Dining, and Conference area. For tents we have the sand and water safety buckets installed.

  6. First Aid

    All camps stock first aid medicines and also has a full size foldable stretcher, Nebulizer and a BP machine. While conducting activities away from camp our team always carries first aid bags. All instructors are trained in First Aid to provide immediate attention to any inquiry.

  7. Emergency Vehicle

    We keep a standby vehicle at camp to cover any emergency and in case a patient needs immediate attention at hospital.