Student Adventure

Learn through fun and adventure

Open up the world of learning for the youth which is much more than just books and blackboards. Let them see, experience and think, and to think is the beginning of real education.

Our Outdoor Learning Centres provide a dramatic contrast to the regular indoor classroom, where one can learn through fun and adventure. Utilize the opportunities our base provides and give your students a chance to learn through what they do, what they encounter and what they discover.

Engage them in adventurous outdoor activities where they can rediscover themselves and identify their abilities, work with each other and enhance life skills.

We have specialized trainers with years of experience who can supervise outdoor activities and ensure the safety of the students. Our activity equipments meet international standards.

Our multipurpose recreational room can be utilized for indoor activities and sessions. Students can also enjoy movies together at our slate house, go for adventurous treks or play camp games. Our camp is an ideal place where fun and adventure never end.

We give each program an exclusivity of the campus so that there are no distractions.

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