Ultimate Uttarakhand

14 Nights / 15 Days

When should you go: 01 October - 16 October

Get off to a flying start on this exciting and fun-filled adventure trip by a drive up the Bhagirathi valley right up to Gangotri where the road ends. Rest and acclimatize at different attitudes. Next, it is a thrilling rope descent down the deeply crevassed, dizzying, almost vertical Khatling Gracial col. After two days and nights stay on the Khatling Glacier, set out on foot to explore the many charms along the Bhilangana river flowing out of the Glacier.

Proceed to spending the last three days of your trip walking through mixed Himalayan forests, grassy meadows, encampments of shepherds and quaint villages of this remote terrain. The magical landscape opens up to the splendorous and dramatic view of the Thalaysagar and other mountains that touch the sky. From a spiritually fulfilling and exotic trip, return to base, having completed an enchanting tour of Uttarakhand, the land of Garhwal and Kumaon, neighboring Nepal and Tibet.

  1. Day 00: Overnight train from Delhi

    Proceed for Haridwar through Nizamuddin - Dehradun AC Special at 11:55pm. Arrival at Haridwar by 4:00am.

  2. Day 01: Haridwar-Uttarkashi (1110m)

    7 hours drive from Haridwar station to Uttarkashi. Breakfast enroute. Overnight at hotel.

  3. Day 02: Uttarkashi-Gangotri (3050m)

    4 hours drive from Uttarkashi to Gangotri. The aarti ceremony at the Gangotri is as attractive as the temple which sits on the banks of the rushing Ganges. Overnight at guest house in Gangotri.

  4. Day 03: Acclimatisation day in Gangotri (3050m)

    Acclimatization walk towards the lake of Kedartal. The trail goes through dense forests and is steep all the way to the small campsite at Bhoj Kharak (3780m) and then return to Gangotri. Overnight guest house at Gangotri (3050m).

  5. Day 04: Gangotri – Nalla Camp (3760m)

    We set off on the true left of the Bhagirathi river and walk for about half an hour before we turn south towards the Rudragaira Nalla. The climb is a gradual uphill through the forests of birch and maple. Overnight Nalla Camp (3760m)

  6. Day 05: Nalla Camp – Gangotri 1 Base Camp (4500m)

    Start your day with a steep climb to a huge meadow followed by a river crossing and another steep climb right up to the Rudragaira Base Camp and then continue over the glacial moraine to the Gangotri 1 Base Camp. Overnight Gangotri 1 Base Camp (4500m).

  7. Day 06: A day to acclimatise

    Relax for the day and acclimatize. Do some side walks around camps. Overnight Gangotri 1 Base Camp Camp (4500m).

  8. Day 07: Auden’s Col Base Camp (4800m)

    We proceed towards the head of the valley with the Gangotri Range (G1, G2 & G3) to the north and the Jogin group (J1, J2) to the south. We camp at the foot of the col. Overnight Auden’s Col Base Camp (4800m).

  9. Day 08: Cross Auden’s Col (5400m) & descend to Khatling Glacier Camp I (5110m)

    Get ready for a steep climb through snow. It may take 4-6 hrs depending on the snow conditions. It offers sweeping views of the Khatling Glacier, and the mountain peaks of Jaonli, Kedarnath, Jogin & Gangotri. We descend against near-vertical walls of ice on fixed ropes to the heavily crevassed Khatling Glacier. Overnight Khatling Glacier Camp 1 (5110m).

  10. Day 09: Glacier Walk, Khatling Glacier Camp II (4210m)

    On this day, we reach the heart of the Himalayas. Surrounded by high mountains jutting out one next to the other, small glaciers joining the mighty Khatling, glaciers hanging up on high mountains; complex ice formations we negotiate around deep crevasses to get close to the snout of the glacier. Overnight Khatling Glacier Camp II (4210m).

  11. Day 10: Exit Khatling Glacier and reach Khatling Cave / Tambakund (3400m)

    Descend through glacial moraine to get to the snout of the Khatling Glacier. On the way it is beautiful to watch the Bhilangana river gush out of the glacier we have been walking & sleeping on for the last two days. Overnight Camp Khatling Cave/Tambakund (3400m).

  12. Day 11: Contingency day

    It is an extra day to allow for bad weather and to have some flexibility in the itinerary. Overnight Camp.

  13. Day 12: Khatling Cave – Kharsoli (2880m)

    Walk through the dense mixed Himalayan forests of oak, birch, deodar, fir & rhododendron. Overnight Kharsoli Camp (2880m) and enjoy the beauty.

  14. Day 13: Kharsoli – Gangi (2650m)

    The walk continues through the dense forest and the warmth of lower altitudes is really enjoyable after days of being up in colder climes. We go past a group of 3-4 houses by the Bhilangana river and then have a steep climb to a fairly large village of Gangi. Overnight Camp/GMVN Guest House at Gangi (2650m).

  15. Day 14: Gangi – Ghuttu (1550m)

    A long day walk, we slowly descend to pine forests and go past the village of Reeh to finish the trek at the roadhead, 4kms upstream of Ghuttu. Overnight GMVN Guest House at Ghuttu (1550m).

  16. Day 15: Ghuttu – Delhi

    Have a relaxed start, pack up, drive from Ghuttu to Haridwar and board the evening Shatabdi Express to be back in Delhi by 10:45pm.

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