Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Ramnagaram

50 kms from Bangalore, considered as the Mecca for rock climbing, these are natural rocks of various difficulty levels i.e. there are rocks from which you can start learning to climb and even difficult ones. Those are from India can remember the 'Sholay' movie's rocks. This movie was shot at Ramnagaram. This is the best place in South India for rock climbing. No charges, anybody can do it.

Nearest town or city: Bangalore

Directions: By road or through rail. If train, has to alight at Ramnagaram, and has to take rickshaw (taxi is rarely used in this place). Better to have someone who knows about the place, as it is away from the main living area.

Latitude, Longitude: 12.54000, 78.02000

Camping: Free

Quantity of Climbs: Lifetime

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Rock Climbing in Badami

This place is very well known as it had an history. It's a nice place with warm and welcoming people above all very beautiful and a great sandstone. it about 14 hours from bombay and 10 from bangalore. a lot of scope to open new routes as it is really a big area and wide spread aswell. The Best time is from nov till feb as it is a dry region it becomes really hot in summer. June can also be nice as the rain hit it late so can be pleasent.

Nearest town or city: Bijapur

Directions: Badami is not connected by rail from bombay but there are buses. from bangalore on can take a train or a bus.

Quantity of Climbs: Lifetime

Badami famous Area: Ganesh Plateau (3)
Little Indian Alley (1)
New area (3)

Badami Rocks, Badami: Badami is a sleepy town in North Karnataka. 1500 years back it was the capital of mighty Chalukyan empire which occupied most of Peninsular India. Badami has nice rock-cut (sandstone) temples -one of the first in India. 25 km from Badami is Pattadakal, which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Another important historical place, Aihoe is 50km from Badami. Though rock-climbing is not a primary attraction, this sport is catching up especially in winter. Aviod venturing to this place in Summer as temperatures go pretty high.

Nearest town or city: Hubli

Directions: This place is a taluk headquarters... 500 kms from Bangalore and 120 kms from Hubli. State Transport buses are available. Railway station is also there but trains are not regular. The rocks are near to the town center. autorickshow are available or one can walk (2-3 km).

Quantity of Climbs: Year

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Rock Climbing in Dhauj

This area contains boulders, trad and multipitch routes on very good granite. The grades range from 5.5 to 5.11d. A standard rack with a set of nuts and cams to 2.5 works. Some routes are rated R and even X, so a toprope setup may be prefereable. There are no bolts. The area is extremely hot in summer (April-August)but climbs are possible in the shade. Bring enough water and some food. THERE ARE NO RESCUE SERVICES. The nearest hospital is PROBABLY "Privat Hospital", located on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road, a few kilometres northeast of the junction with NH8 (near DLF phase 2?1?)

Nearest town or city: New Delhi/Gurgaon

Directions: The crags are located near the village of Dhauj. Two routes are possible. One is to drive straight on Aurobindo Marg, south to Haryana. Drive past the border, through Sikanderpur village and take a left at the first light. Left again at the roundabout and then drive straight on the road for about 30 minutes till a police checkpost for the Mangaer village. Take a right towards this village and drive straight will you reach the valley, descend down a steep curving road, you will see a lake and rocks beyond Mangaer village. Park near the rocks, and keep an eye on your car! (I had a broken window and rope stolen once). Total distance is around 30-40 km from the I.I.T - Aurobindo Marg crossing in Delhi.

Access Issues: On Faridabad road, after the second India oil petrole station(approx21,5th km)take on the right a paved road to Global Farms'(28°24'26,90"N - 77°11'34,04"E); the last 2 km can be a little difficult with a 2w car. 7 km total.

Camping: Free

When to Climb: October – February

Quantity of Climbs: Year

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Rock Climbing in Hampi

Hampi is situated on the north eastern part of Karnataka and is nearly 300kms from Bangalore. Easily accessable by road and rail. Hampi was the capital of the Vijaynagar kingdom which ruled Deccan plateau during 13th to 16th century AD. The ruins of Hampi reveal the magnificence of a great city and a great empire. Hampi has been declared as UNESCO heritage city. Lots of rocks, boulders form the geography of this area. Bouldering is the main adventure activity here. Weather will be usually hot and dry. Topo, chalk, etc available at begum's guesthouse.

Nearest town or city: Hampi

Directions: Hampi can be reached by rail or road. You can hire an auto rickshaw or a bicycle to move around.

Latitude, Longitude: 15.20000, 76.30000

When to Climb: November – February

Quantity of Climbs: Lifetime

Goan Corner area: Hampi is ocean of the boulders. Billion crores of boulders. One would need a life only to see the Hampi Boulders

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Rock Climbing in Delhi (PBG)

This is an amazing place, hidden away from sight right in the centre of the city. There is one big wall which has a great 30-35 foot traverse, and about 9-10 climbs. The climbs are all about 25-30 ft. high and the grades range from 5.8 to 5.11d. Two climbs have pre-placed pitons and can be led, but the others all have to be top-roped. There is another smaller wall on the right, which has two more traverses. Newcomers always feel that the grading is a little severe but once you get used to the climbs they seem a little easier. Access is free, but it's best to inform the guards around that you'll be climbing. Also, since the rocks are in the jungle, be sure to bring something to cut away the thorns!

Nearest town or city: Delhi

Directions: Drive down Willingdon Crescent (now Mother Teresa Crescent) in the centre of Delhi (near Connaught Place) until you see a small sign saying "Parade Grounds", opposite the Dandi March statues. Turn in and follow the small road until you reach the clubhouse and grounds of the President's Body Guards. Park on the side, inform the guards that you will be climbing, and follow the almost non-existent trail into the jungle on your right until you arrive at the wall.

Quantity of Climbs: Week

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